Daniella Morrow is an American singer, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. As a child, she recalls that she was constantly surrounded by music, played or sung to her by her parents, which she truly believes ignited her passion for all things musical. Being homeschooled, Daniella had the freedom to explore many different art forms, but the one that drew her in the most was music.

By age five, she was eager to learn how to play piano, and she credits the piano lessons for an even deeper understanding and appreciation of music. Although very shy as a child, Daniella Morrow always had a strong desire to become a singer, later realizing that such a God-given gift should be shared with others beyond the confines of her room.

At the age of 20, she joined a theater company called “The Troupe” and performed in plays and showcases with other actors and singers, gaining experience in musical theater.

Daniella Morrow has performed throughout California, from church events, wineries, and weddings to big bands and movie premieres. Daniella has shared the stage with Big Sean on the nationally televised event Think it Up, she has been featured in Eric Ramsey’s film CainAbel, and she had the honor of being presented a judges’ favorite award at the South Bay’s Got Talent competition.

For her very own concert debut, An Evening with Daniella Morrow, Daniella was joined by renowned musical director, pianist, and vocal coach Michael Orland, who has worked with many big names in music from Paula Abdul and Ariana Grande to Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey.

Aside from being blessed with a wide vocal range, Daniella’s voice possesses a rich and emotionally transparent quality. She gets a strong influence and great inspiration from world-renowned artists such as Nat King Cole, Celine Dion, Lara Fabian, and Andrea Bocelli.

Daniella Morrow has a great passion for singing in other languages, like French, Spanish, and Italian. She is captivated by many genres but has not wanted to settle into any one particular style. Her artistic goal is to communicate with people from around the world through the power of music.

Daniella released her debut album “Inspired” this year. Her album consists of songs in 4 different languages. You can also find her on all social media platforms @Daniellamorrow.

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